Restaurant bookkeeping app

At Hone, we understand the love, sweat, and burns that go into running a restaurant. That’s why we’ve dedicated our platform to giving you the recipes you need to succeed.

Our Story

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Restaurant bookkeeping app

Our Story

At Hone, we understand the love, sweat, and burns that go into running a restaurant. That’s why we’ve dedicated our platform to giving you the recipes you need to succeed.

Independent restaurant inventory and accounting software

Our goal is to make Hone the platform that lets you actually focus on your guests and kitchen, not the computer in the back office.

When you can finally take your mind off those vendor bills, taxes, and food expenses, you can get back to doing what sparked your passion in the first place — giving people a great experience.  

Who We Are

Hone Is Passion, Profit, Peace of Mind

Most people don’t understand the effort it takes to run a successful restaurant. They eat their steak frites and pay their bill, oblivious to the fires raging just beyond the service door. 

But we get it because we’ve lived it. Our two co-founders are industry experts that work at the crossroads between technology, food service, and finance. We’ve experienced first-hand the lack of restaurant accounting platforms, and have made it our mission to change that. 

Brandon Child

Co-Founder and COO

Brandon started his career in foodservice at 14 and has been in it in one way or another since then. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America at 23, he went right into being an executive chef. 

In his 30 years in the industry, Brandon has run multiple restaurants, a seafood company and tortilla factory, as well as designed commercial kitchens. His time in operations for a restaurant group in Boston fueled his passion for making restaurants and businesses more profitable. Brandon sees Hone as his opportunity to use his experiences to help restaurants succeed not only financially but holistically. 

When it comes to food, Brandon is all about cooking over wood, specifically the front loader bucket grill his father made him.

Rohit Shenoy

Co-Founder and CEO

Rohit has worked at the intersection of software and business for 2 decades. As the second product manager at Toast, he helped lead the engineering teams that built the industry leading POS system for restaurants from 2015-2019. During that time, he led online ordering and launched inventory and self-ordering kiosks into the market. 

Rohit has made a career of bringing technology products to market and scaling them. With Hone, Rohit sees an opportunity to leverage technology to simplify the path to profitability while helping operators sleep better at night. To balance out his screen time, he rolls up his sleeves and cooks up fiery dishes such as carnitas, mallung, and shawarma spiced lamb.

Our Mission

Food Service Is Our Heart and Soul

Your restaurant’s success is our mission. We believe what you offer communities can really make a difference. But in the last few years, your business has been through a lot.  So to get you back on track, you’ll need a better way to manage the books. 

Once you get those numbers going up, anything is possible.

About restaurant accounting software

Trust Your Numbers


Hone gives you the tools and know-how to see your finances clearly. On solid ground, you can plan for the future.

Get Motivated


When your profits go up, your stress goes down. Then you can pay more attention to your customers and employees.

Feed Your Community


Healthy restaurants are the heart of healthy communities. Your accomplishments enrich the lives of your guests, one plate at a time.

Work With Us

Hone Your Skill

Hone believes restaurants give us way more than a full belly. They are places to gather, share memories, and explore cultures. But for that to happen, those doors have to stay open. That’s why we strive every day to make sure our platform boosts their bottom line.

If joining a group of ambitious and like-minded industry veterans, restaurant experts, and accounting professionals sounds like a dream come true, then show us what you got.  

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