Restaurant Bookkeeping Services & Software

The perfect mix of bookkeeping and reporting software that combines decades of experience running successful restaurants with the latest in financial technology.

Benefits of Hone’s Restaurant Bookkeeping Software

Works with quickbooks online to empower bookkeepers and restaurant operators

Help bookkeepers identify issues proactively, and produce the type of reports and outputs that clients expect.

Empowers restaurant owners to be truly data driven without learning new tools or dealing with spreadsheets.

How Hone’s Software Helps with bookkeeping

The Hone dashboards are a great check on the pulse of the business: how it’s doing on a day-in-day-out basis, and allows us to identify trends—both positive and negative. We are better able to capitalize on potential profit centers, as well as nip potential losses in the bud before they get ungainly.

Ashish Mitra
The Covington | The Port Hunter | Martha’s Vineyard, MA

How Hone’s Software Helps with operating a restaurant

What customer’s say about Hone’s platform

FAQs about Restaurant Bookkeeping

Yes, our team of restaurant veterans and experienced restaurant focused bookkeepers will do your books while also helping you derive insights from your numbers.

Full-charge bookkeeping services exclusively for restaurants. We set up and help manage the software needed to improve the quality and efficiency of bookkeeping, no additional software costs.

We record all transactions from POS, 3rd party sales channels, payroll, bank accounts, and vendor bills. We then reconcile bank accounts, vendor statements, and balance sheet accounts; your CPA will thank you!

We set up and manage the software needed to extract data from all of your revenue, COGS and expense sources. We ensure that this data is input into Quickbooks Online via automation or via data entry when needed.

If your in-house bookkeeper or finance team is already using Quickbooks Online, we can have them up and running in 48-72  hours. We’ve automated the setup of reporting and dashboards so you start seeing value quickly. If you are on Quickbooks Desktop, Hone’s onboarding team can manage the transition to Quickbooks Online so there is little for your bookkeeper to do to make the switch.

Very little. If your team currently uses spreadsheets or reporting from systems such as POS and Payroll, Hone’s portal will supplement or in many cases replace those other systems with richer data. Hone’s customizable reports can drastically reduce or even eliminate the need to manage reports on spreadsheets.

It comes down to revenue, vs. cost-controls & profits. POS reporting is normally limited to sales, guest/ticket metrics and hourly labor. It is powerful in its granularity but gives you a very limited view. Hone’s reports are more holistic covering sales from all channels, COGS from all vendors, and every expense that the business incurs. Hone then converts this data into insights, business metrics, and budgeting tools to help you and your management team be truly data-driven.

Yes! Our forecasting and budgeting tools leverage your historical data to estimate sales, COGS and expense categories. You can then modify these estimates based on changes in your market or business (new patio, delivery expansion…) to set targets and track performance.

Yes. As long as you are doing your books in QuickBooks Online, you can leverage Hone’s reporting and bookkeeping tools to gain insights, improve efficiency of bookkeeping and improve accuracy.

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