Small restaurant accounting solutions

Accounting Solutions for Restaurants, Big and Small

From curbside food trucks to Michelin Star dining, we built Hone to help independent restaurants manage their books and make more profit.

Why Restaurants
Choose Hone

Our platform combines leading technical expertise with years of profitable restaurant operating experience to help give you the support you need. If you pay taxes, manage vendor bills, and stress over payroll, then we can help.
Online restaurant accounting

Fine Dining

Top Feature: Restaurant
Relevant Reporting

Small labor and food cost oversights can cost you big when it’s time to pick up the tab. Hone provides weekly prime-cost reports to help you monitor, manage, and make adjustments throughout the month.

Casual Dining

Top Feature: Sales Tax Tracker

If the words “sales tax compliance” send chills down your spine, you’re not alone. Most restaurateurs struggle to manage daily sales tax. 

Hone tracks sales tax from your POS and 3rd party sales channels. Then when it’s time to pay the bills, we’ll take care of it so you don’t have to!

Fast Casual

Top Feature: Vendor Bill Pay

Customers love your business because your secret recipe combines quality and efficiency. But to keep up the pace, you rely on vendors that must be paid on time.

Hone helps you track your vendor expenses weekly, giving you a closer look at how much you spend and notifying you when it’s time to pay your vendors.

Cafe & Bakery

Top Feature: 3rd Party 
Sales Channel Tracker

Getting a steady stream of customers is the easy part — your fresh lemon tarts do it every time. In fact, UberEats and GrubHub have become part of your daily income.  

Hone keeps track of 3rd party sales, taxes, AND fees so you have a clear picture of your costs for each channel.

Food Truck

Top Feature: Mobile App 
Invoice Scanning

In one day, you could be in two, three, or five locations, so mobility is of prime importance. The last thing you want to do when you get home? Manage the invoices you gathered on the road. 

With the ability to scan invoices from an app, you can take snapshots of your expenses and automatically send them to your bookkeeper for payment and categorization.

Juice Bar

Top Feature: Responsive 
Hone Support Team

You’re on your feet all day serving customers
healthy smoothies and juices, so you’re more
than a little tired once you shut down your
point of sale. 

Hone’s support team has the technical
experience and accounting knowledge to
guide you through everything from sales tax
to monthly reporting.

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