Hone is a restaurant bookkeeping service that serves as the foundation for a reporting platform with one goal: to make your restaurant as profitable as possible.

Your Bottom Line
is Looking Up.

Your Bottom Line
Is Looking Up

Hone is a restaurant bookkeeping service that serves as the foundation for a reporting platform with one goal: to make your restaurant as profitable as possible.

About us

We’re more than just the best bookkeeper money can buy.

Our platform combines decades of experience running highly profitable independent restaurants with solid bookkeeping that will save you time and reduce anxiety. We pay your bills, track your expenses, and enable you to make the best decisions for your business.

Flip Chaos
Into Profit

You got into this industry for the people and the food, not to track down the water bill. Let Hone clear the table so your team can get back to providing killer service.
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Pay Vendor Bills

Manage Cash

bookkeeping software for restaurants

Organize All Expenses

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3rd Party Scanning for Invoices

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Pay Sales Tax

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Restaurant-Relevant Reporting

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Very responsive communication

With your back office under control, you can get back to doing what you love.

Built by Industry


Get real support from experts with decades of experience operating highly profitable restaurants

No Contracts or Commitments


Pay month-to-month. If we don’t live up to our promises, fire us.

Get Results,


Watch the value of your business rise. Our financial tech makes improving your margins easy.

Skip the

Stop wading through reports built for accountants. You’re a restaurateur, not a bookkeeper. 


Stay on your current accounting system. The transition is quick and low-risk.


Review your first month-end report with our restaurant veterans to digest and understand the numbers.


Pinpoint the most impactful areas for improvement. Leverage daily and weekly reporting to stay on track.

We Promise You’ll Make More Money Than We Cost.

Let Hone be your virtual CFO. We combine the systems, processes, and guidance to increase your bottom line. Our platform helps you set goals based on industry benchmarks, and track progress to wards them, so you can improve profitability. Our number one priority is getting your profits from 2% to 20%.


Calculate Your 
Restaurant Revitalization 
Application Stimulus

Ready to apply to the Small Business Administration’s
2021 Restaurant and Bar stimulus program? We’ve got
you covered. Use our calculator to get an estimate of
what’s available to you. We’ll even help you file it.

Don’t Worry. We Connect to Your Existing POS.

Like a trusted sous-chef, we play by your rules. No matter what management and operational systems you use, Hone works alongside them. 

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Independent restaurant accounting and inventory software

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Easy to use. Even easier
to recommend.

Ready to Take Control of Your Back Office?

See why restaurant owners across the country choose Hone and never look back. Book a demo with us today.