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Managing a restaurant is a balancing act between producing a great product; food/ambience and managing an operation that turns revenue into profit. The margins are tight so you can have the best food and still go out of business if you don’t have a strong operation. The right software can turn financial data such as sales, food purchases, labor costs and operating expenses into trackable metrics and performance targets. Hone’s restaurant management software was built by successful restaurant operators to provide data, reporting, and planning tools so busy operators can make better decisions.

Choosing management software for your restaurant

The technology stack - the key software you need to manage a restaurant

Today your accountant lives in one world, normally Quickbooks and spreadsheets while your GMs and operational staff rely on reports from POS, Payroll and another set of spreadsheets…and that is when folks have a set of systems.

Hone streamlines this by sitting between QuickBooks Online and all the data sources. The typical technology stack is Quickbooks Online, AP automation software, POS daily sales automation software and payroll reporting automation software. Hone’s own software then sits on top of all of this providing bookkeeping tools for auditing and data review as well as reporting tools to support operations.

Integrating Operations and Accounting

Hone sits between Quickbooks Online and all the data sources such as POS, Payroll, Vendor Bills, 3rd party sales and so on…

By doing so, Hone access to every $ in and out and thus can present a holistic view that supports accounting and operations needs. A GM may only need to track and manage revenue, COGS and labor; Hone enables them to see custom metrics and reports that focus on these areas. A CFO may prefer a 6-month view of the balance sheet and a year-to-date view of the P&L; again Hone’s portal can serve up this view to support their needs.

Reports that help you make decisions

To make progress one has to set goals, measure progress and then make adjustments. Hone’s reports are highly customizable so each member of your staff can see the metrics and reports that that supports decisions and actions that they need to take.

On top of dynamic interactive reports, budgeting and forecasting tools turn historical data trends into suggested targets for revenue and cost controls. No more fiddling with spreadsheets, Hone can turn any operator into a data-driven decision-making machine.

What customers say about our restaurant management software

Hone’s restaurant management software integrates with your favorite applications and your accounting system

Out of the box, we are integrated with Margin Edge for AP/Billpay, as well as DAVO for sales tax management. We also integrate with most cloud POS systems to capture daily sales.

Already have a finance team/bookkeeper? We can set you up with our software as a standalone offering.

FAQs about Restaurant management software

For most restaurants, they are only paying $50-100 for accounting software such as Quickbooks but then incur additional costs in time and labor for bookkeeping and reporting.

As a standalone offering Hone’s software is $150 per location

With bookkeeping services Hone starts at $850 per location

Hone is the best solution especially for 1-20 unit restaurant groups who use QuickBooks.

Step 1: Connect Hone to your Quickbooks Online account

  • Step 1a: If not on Quickbooks Online, Hone will help you migrate from Quickbooks Desktop or other platforms
  • Step 1b: If your Chart of Accounts needs some cleanup, Hone will work with you to do this

Step 2: Provide Hone with system logins

Step 3: Hone will generate a standard set of reports and metrics for you to review

Step 4: Review the standard reports and request customizations that support your business needs

Step 5: Give your team access to Hone’s reports and encourage weekly review of the numbers.

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