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Hone is a specialized restaurant accounting software that provides bookkeeping services and operations-focused reporting. Created by industry veterans, it is designed to equip restaurant owners with weekly insights to help enhance profits. The software is structured to deliver intuitive reports and deep insights, with the ultimate goal of increasing profitability for restaurant businesses.

The Hone dashboards are a great check on the pulse of the business: how it’s doing on a day-in-day-out basis, and allows us to identify trends—both positive and negative. We are better able to capitalize on potential profit centers, as well as nip potential losses in the bud before they get ungainly.

Ashish Mitra
The Covington | The Port Hunter | Martha’s Vineyard, MA

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Hone’s restaurant accounting software integrates with your favorite applications

Out of the box, we are integrated with Margin Edge for AP/Billpay, as well as DAVO for sales tax management. We also integrate with most cloud POS systems to capture daily sales.

FAQs about Hone’s Accounting Platform

For most restaurants, they are only paying $50-100 for accounting software such as Quickbooks but then incur additional costs in time and labor for bookkeeping and reporting that is cobbled together and normally on a spreadsheet.

Hone combines the software with accounting services that cost as little as $850 per month, all included, no surprise add-ons!

Hone: most bookkeepers are using a mix of spreadsheets and Quickbooks to deliver accounting and reporting that is filled with typos and requires a lot of messy manual error-prone effort. Hone’s bookkeepers are supported by automation and a powerful reporting platform that eliminates the need for spreadsheets while providing full customization of reports.

Step 1: Connect Hone to your Quickbooks Online account

  • Step 1a: If not on Quickbooks Online, Hone will help you migrate from Quickbooks Desktop or other platforms
  • Step 1b: If your Chart of Accounts needs some cleanup, Hone will work with you to do this

Step 2: Provide Hone with system logins

Step 3: Hone will generate a standard set of reports and metrics for you to review

Step 4: Review the standard reports and request customizations that support your business needs

Step 5: Give your team access to Hone’s reports and encourage weekly review of the numbers.

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