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Restaurant Operators Love Hone!

Hear from our customer who are using Hone

"The Hone team are proactive, accommodating and an absolute pleasure to work with. Their specific expertise in the restaurant industry is breath of fresh air. They provide a remarkable personalized service and a level of professionalism second to none, thank you Hone!”

Anthony Floro Jr

GM, Liv's Juice & Acai Bar

“Hone helps me manage expenses so I can pay attention and keep my eye on the big picture."

Jay Carr

Durk's BBQ

"We added a second unit during the pandemic but I sleep well knowing that Hone is managing my bills and expenses"

Jessi Crimmins

Revive & Co

"Hone worked with me to assess my labor spend and needs so that I was able to bring down my labor spend without affecting service."

Cheryl Straughter

Owner & Chef, Soleil Restaurant & Catering

“Operating a group of busy seasonal restaurants here on Martha's Vineyard means that time is always the resource we lack the most. Working with Hone has allowed us to make time go from being a scarcity to a surplus.”

Ashish Mitra

The Covington | The Port Hunter | Martha’s Vineyard, MA

“Being able to drill down to actual invoices and bills on a weekly cadence with a couple of clicks is much more efficient than wading through Quickbooks; having the weekly snapshots and detailed P&L available anytime is a major advantage for our team.”

Eric Heckman

Caddies On Cordell | Bethesda, MD

Three Reasons Why So Many Restaurants Have Chosen Hone

Save Time On Accounting

With you books done by veteran operators and restaurant bookkeepers, we will save you time and help you grow!

Spend Less On Bookkeeping

We are cheaper than most outsourced bookkeeping services because we leverage technology to give you more value for less.

Improve Your Bottom Line

With weekly operations-focused reporting & insights, you can proactively manage costs and drive revenue.

Understand Your Finances At A Glance

“The Hone dashboards are a great check on the pulse of the business: how it’s doing on a day-in-day-out basis, and allows us to identify trends—both positive and negative...”

Ashish Mitra

The Covington, The Port Hunter and Martha’s Vineyard MA

Running the front and back of house in a restaurant is more than a full-time job, and the pressure to keep up financially can be overwhelming. Hone helps you better manage your books, so you can increase profitability and operational efficiency at your restaurant.

With your finances under control, you can focus on the fun parts of running a restaurant: tastier meals, happier staff, glowing reviews, and higher profits. That’s what we’re all about.

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Forecast Sales And Control Costs In 5 Minutes Per Week

With running a restaurant business, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Messing with spreadsheets to forecast sales and generate budgets shouldn’t be one of those items. As your restaurant bookkeeper, Hone is already responsible for recording your data. This historical data is then used to develop sales projections and budgets for costs and expenses. You can create custom sales targets based on your knowledge about future events or change budgets to set tighter targets.

Hone turns chaos into cash, allowing you to put your time and attention on the parts of the restaurant business that you love most.

Streamlined Communications So You Spend Less Time On Email Or Phonecalls

Back-office tasks are for your day off, right? OR maybe take an actual day off and let your bookkeeper do the work! Hone streamlines communications with your bookkeeper. Requests from your bookkeeper live on your dashboard; got 5 minutes between service periods, use the chat interface to quickly knock them out. See something odd on your P&L? Flag it with a quick note right on the report, and track the status as your bookkeeper responds and addresses the issue.


Built By Restaurant Industry Veterans

“We rely on Hone’s team of professionals to help manage, and in many cases solve problems that arise in the daily course of operations with nothing more than a quick email or text.”

Ashish Mitra
The Covington and The Port Hunter
(Martha’s Vineyard, MA)

Restaurant-Specific Bookkeeping

Keep your books up-to-date with a team who knows and understands your business

  • Restaurant businesses have unique challenges and nuances that we’ve experienced
  • Hone helps you stay on top of your restaurant bookkeeping with responsive support and guidance
  • We manage your vendors, bill-pay, and meals-taxes so you can run the business
  • We keep the books in order so tax season is painless!

Data-Driven Reporting

Get actionable insights for your business weekly

  • Customize metrics based on what matters for your business. 3rd party fees as a % of sales, anyone?
  • Analyze data from your sales channels, payroll, food vendors, and bank statements—all in one place.
  • Visualize weekly trends over time, to gain valuable insights you can act on today.

Sales Forecasting

See what’s ahead for your business—today

  • Hone taps into your restaurant’s historical data to provide data-driven forecasting.
  • Plan out weeks and months ahead of time with forecasting charts, broken down by relevant sales categories.
  • Customize your forecasts to account for new data, including sporting events, catering, weather, and more.

Easy Budgeting

Budgeting tools designed with restaurant operators in mind—no spreadsheets required!

  • Hone taps into your restaurant’s historical data to automatically generate realistic budgets, weeks and months ahead of time.
  • Costs going up? Spend just a few minutes each week to review CoGs and Labor with easy-to-read charts.
  • Customize budget categories based on what matters for your business—line cooks to seafood purchases, and more.

Easy Backoffice IT

Reduce IT complexity with Hone’s all-in-one system

  • Hone works with your existing systems and software to streamline your backend operations
  • Set up is easy: our team takes care of the hard work of integrating your data and systems
  • Not happy with Hone? We leave your systems better than we found them for an easy transition

Operational Expertise

Get Personal, Hands-On Support For Running Your Business

With everything in one place, Hone makes it easy to pay your bills, track your expenses, and make the best decisions for your restaurant.

That’s why we created Hone, the perfect mix of bookkeeping service and software that combines decades of experience running successful restaurants with the latest in financial technology.

Get A Free P&L Consult With One Of Our Former Chef/ Operators