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Run The Dish

Understanding and managing your restaurant’s profit margins is essential for long-term success in

Effective restaurant operations management is crucial for running a successful and profitable establishment.

Proper bookkeeping is essential for the financial health and success of any restaurant.

Each restaurant is unique, and its P&L statement should be customized to match business needs, breaking down each of these categories into smaller sections as required.

There are an infinite number of ways restaurants can organize their finances—and five mistakes most of them make. Here’s how to address the most common issues.

Build a more data-driven restaurant business with intuitive forecasting, adjustable goals, and easy-to-review budgets. Learn more about Hone’s new forecasting and budgeting feature.

Boston-based restaurateur Jefferson Macklin on what it really takes to open a new restaurant, plus other hard-won advice.

Most of your restaurant’s profitability comes down to these 5 restaurant metrics. Learn what they are and why they matter for your restaurant’s finances.

PROFITABILITY, FOOD COSTING How to Improve the Profitability of Your Restaurant Menu in

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